Professor D-K Kang, with LIMB members, at the 21st KSAST Symposium on Animal Microbiome.

Yeosu-si, South Korea. Professor Dae-Kyung Kang, together with the LIMB members R Vasquez, JM Yoo, and JS Lee, attended the 21st General Assembly of the Korean Society of Animal Science and Technology (KSAST). This year's theme is 'New paradigm for sustainability and coexistence: Animal Microbiome', which centered on the advancements and future directions in animal microbiome studies in Korea. It highlighted the importance of microbiome in the progress of animal industry, as well as its impact on the environment. The symposium was attended by professors and students from universities across South Korea, and private sector professionals. This year, Professor Kang is serving as the Chairman of the Korean Animal Microbiome Council. 

Professor D-K Kang giving his lecture presentation on Animal Microbiome research in Korea.

Professor Kang also delivered a lecture presentation on Korean research on Animal Microbiome. He emphasized the growing number of microbiome research from South Korea over the years. In Korea, LIMB was one of the pioneering teams to study the microbiome of farm animals, specifically pigs. 

Other photos from the symposium.


LIMB alumi: Prof. Marilen Parungao-Balolong (L) and Prof. Edward Alain B. Pajarillo (R).

Last October 16, 2021, BK21 conducted an online seminar on gut microbiome. LIMB alumni Prof. Marilen Parungao-Balolong and Prof. Edward Alain B. Pajarillo served as the resource speakers for the day. Prof. Parungao-Balolong is a Professor and University Scientist at the University of the Philippines - Manila, where she also leads a laboratory team (AMHERG-UP Manila). Meanwhile, Prof. Pajarillo is an Associate Professor and a researcher at the Florida A&M University. 

Prof. Parungao-Balolong talked about the potential of gut microbiome in addressing child malnutrition, with particular focus on the Philippine populace, while Prof. Pajarillo shared his knowledge on the role of the gut microbiome in manganese-induced toxicity. Both talks highlighted the role of gut microbiome on host's health. The seminar was attended by LIMB members, among others. 



Professor Kang, with LIMB members and Dr. Bernadette Bagon.

Professor Dae-Kyung Kang and LIMB members congratulate Dr. Bernadette Bagon for successfully completing her PhD degree last August 2021. 

Professor Kang (left) with Dr. Bernadette Bagon (right).

Dr. Bagon also attained her Master's degree in LIMB. She specializes in proteomics and cell display studies. Her PhD dissertation is entitled "Comparative Analyses of Cell Surface and Extracellular Proteins in 
Lactobacillus spp.". Dr. Bagon will return back to the Philippines to pursue her academic career. 

LIMB wishes Dr. Bagon all the best on her future endeavors!


 Professor Dae-Kyung Kang (center-left) with LIMB students SH Kim (far-left), JH Song (center-right), and BB Bagon (far-right) at the  Korean Society of Dairy Science and Biotechnology Symposium.

The LIMB team, led by Prof. Dae-Kyung Kang, attended the Korean Society of Dairy Science and Biotechnology Symposium last June 1-2, 2021. The symposium was packed with lectures on the scientific advancements in probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics and their application in dairy science. LIMB PhD candidate BB Bagon participated in the oral presentation, with her work titled "Possible mechanisms and applications of bile response proteins from the exoproteome of Lactobacillus johnsonii", and won 2nd place. 

 Prof. Dae-Kyung Kang being awarded for his invaluable contribution to the society, having served as its immediate past president.

Professor Kang's invaluable contribution to the society was recognized during the symposium. Prof. Kang served as the society's president last year. 


        Professor Dae-Kyung Kang with LIMB students IC Hwang (far left), R Vasquez (middle right), and JM Yoo (far right) at the 48th KMB Symposium.

Busan, South Korea. Prof Dae-Kyung Kang with LIMB members attended the recently concluded 48th KMB Annual Meeting & International Symposium, held at BEXCO, Busan, South Korea last June 23-25, 2021. The Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology (KMB) is the flagship organization for microbiology and allied fields in South Korea. 

The symposium was attended by hundreds of participants all over Korea. Local and international experts in food science, microbiology, and biotechnology were invited to share their knowledge in their respective fields. The LIMB team attended the plenary lectures, as well as special sessions of the symposium.

                 LIMB students (from left to right) JM Yoo, R Vasquez, and JM Yoo during the poster session of the 48th KMB Symposium.

During the symposium, the LIMB team exhibited their poster, entitled "Neoagarooligosaccharides Alleviate Body Weight Gain and Modulate Gut Microbiota in Obese Rats" which garnered much attention during the poster sessions. This poster is just one of the researches conducted in LIMB spearheaded by Prof. Kang, which aims to expand our knowledge in functional food science. 



 February 18, 2021

JEONG MIN YOO has a bachelor's degree in Animal Resource Science from Dankook University. He will start his graduate degree this Spring Semester 2021. 


JAE SEUNG LEE is an undergraduate student taking bachelor's degree in Animal Resource Science at Dankook University. He is training in the laboratory for technical and analytical skills in industrial microbiology and biotechnology.



February 15, 2021

LIMB Alumni Dr. Edward Pajarillo and Dr. Marilen Parungao-Balolong conducted an online BK seminar last December 3, 2020, and February 2, 2021, respectively. Both online seminars were attended by current LIMB members, DKU students, as well as students from the Philippines.

Dr. Pajarillo, an expert in gut microbiome study, talked about the interplay of the gut microbiota with trace metals, such as iron, manganese, zinc, and copper. He discussed the effects of these trace metals on the health and performance of host. Meanwhile, Dr. Parungao-Balolong talked about the applications of probiotics in the perspective of One Health, a much timely topic. She reiterated the importance of probiotics in host's health, as well as the role of fermented food in realization of One Health.  

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